Doctor’s Zone

Dr. Gasada Balakrishna

Your Lifeline in Critical

Introducing Dr. Gasada Balakrishna, a beacon of hope in critical care medicine. As an MD and FNB-certified specialist, he is your trusted guide through the storm of medical emergencies. With a remarkable talent for handling life-threatening conditions like snake bites, road-traffic accidents, and poisonings, Dr. Balakrishna has consistently proven his mettle.

Notably, during the pandemic, he displayed unwavering dedication and expertise at Gayatri Hospitals, Vizianagaram, where he skillfully cared for COVID patients. Today, we are proud to welcome Dr. Balakrishna as an official teammate at Kashvi Hospitals, Vizianagaram. Your health is in the most capable hands.

Dr. Vivek Athunoori

Your Medical Maverick

Brace yourself for a medical journey like no other with Dr. Vivek Athunoori, MD (General Medicine). With an academic pedigree that boasts MBBS from Andhra Medical College, Vizag, and an MD from Manipal University, coupled with FAGE accreditation, Dr. Athunoori is not your ordinary physician.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to healthcare, he once served as an Assistant Professor at MIMS College, Vizianagaram, honing his skills to perfection. From 2018 to 2023, he took the reins as a Consultant Physician at Queen’s NRI Hospital, Vizianagaram, delivering top-notch care to countless patients. 

When the world was gripped by the pandemic, Dr. Athunoori’s dedication knew no bounds. He worked tirelessly at Queen’s NRI, serving as a frontline hero, and now, he brings his dynamic expertise to Kashvi Hospitals, Vizianagaram. Prepare for a healthcare journey like never before with Dr. Athunoori as your guide.